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Note - we do not sell the Landrover Sensors or In Line Sensors as a separate item - they MUST be ordered with one of our Low Coolant Alarm Units - these sensors are taylor made for our Alarms

If you require a replacement sensor for some reason just give me a bell

We will refund your payment if you order just a sensor


 If hard wiring your Bongo Haydn Low Coolant Alarm/Combi isn't for you then give me a bell.  

We now have the Bongo Piggy 'Simples'. Exactly the same technology only we've made it easier to install - no cutting of existing wires required.

I will need a photo of your fuse board to see if it possible.

call Jo on 01458 272767





    No Pay Pal account ? Don't can still pay at checkout using your credit/debit card on paypal page that opens . (although no PayPal account required)

    Or ---   Phone 01458 272767 to make card payments and place your order.




                         Click the links below for Bongo Bleeding instructional video's , Parts   1, 2, & 3.






         Thank you for visiting our Coolant Alarm web site.
Please navigate through the sections that we have. Our ENGINESAVER UK® Low Coolant Alarms and ENGINE WATCHDOG Digital TM Temp Alarms can help protect your vehicle from overheating as a result of coolant loss or abnormal temperature rise. We have kits made up for the Mazda Bongo, Land Rover Defender/Discovery/TD5/200/300tdi/V8's etc,Delica,Hilux Surf to name a few. We can produce other kits for almost all vehicles and boats. In fact any water cooled engine ! The low coolant alarm will warn you of any coolant loss from either your header/expansion tank or top hose depending on vehicle model. The TM is a Digital temp gauge that gives a constant temperature readout of your cylinder head and can be set to "Alarm" at any preset temp. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help you.




PLEASE NOTE...The coolant alarm kit for the Bongo comes with the sensor included. "Most" other kits will require a custom sensor from this shop (browse the sensors available) Not sure what you want ??? please contact us. The SENSORS must only be bought along with whichever alarm you require..THEY WILL NOT BE SOLD SEPARATELY... if you do try and buy one your payment will be refunded (contact us if you have a reason for wanting one)






We also supply BMW Clocks for your Bongo/MX5/Eunos. We can do them Right/Left hand cubby..white dial...Green/Orange/Blue/White Glow to match your Radio/Dials...Again contact us if you do not see exactly what you want in the shop products. We can do almost anything to suit your needs. All clocks are supplied fully tested with labeled wires. 30 day refund/replacement


Tel   :- 01458 272767

Mob :- 07813025365

e mail :-

Visit and browse around to get details and fact sheets on our products


POSTAGE is free within the u.k. If you want items sending out of uk...please buy postage item @ £12.50  I will then post AIRSURE TRACKED or INTERNATIONAL TRACKED...if this is not done I cannot be responsible for lost/undelivered items.

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