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Coolant Sensors

You will require one of these sensors to go with your Low Coolant Alarm........We can provide sensors for just about any vehicle.......If your vehicle is not listed or you are unsure what you require please contact HAYDN Alarms on 01458 272767  We haven't failed yet.

We have custom sensors for several vehicles...Land Rover/Toyota/Nissan/Simitar...please phone if yours is not listed...01458 272767 for info .

NOT FOR SALE WITHOUT A COOLANT ALARM KIT (if you do buy one your payment will be refunded)

Coolant Sensors
Image Name Price  
Sensor Land Rover 200/300tdi Sensor Land Rover 200/300tdi
You will need this to install your Low Coolant Alarm..It simply replaces the cooling system bleed plug on the top of you…
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Sensor Land Rover Td5 Sensor Land Rover Td5
You will require this sensor to complete your Low Coolant Alarm for your LR simply replaces the Coolant bleed …
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Sensor in-line Sensor in-line
This sensor will be required to complete your Low Coolant Alarm installation if there is NOT a suitable Custom sensor fo…
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Sensor underhose Sensor underhose
You will need this sensor if there is not a custom sensor available for your vehicle and the in-line sensor is not suita…
Sensor Land Rover TD4 / Series 1 & 2 V8 Sensor Land Rover TD4 / Series 1 & 2 V8
You will need this to install your Low Coolant Alarm.. TD4 Puma Engine Defender & Some Freelanders - replaces the p…
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