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TM-4 Single Sensor Temperature Gauge/Alarm
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TM-4 Single Sensor Temperature Gauge/Alarm

Product Information

 The TM4 

Audible Engine Temperature & Low Oil Pressure Alarm

Ideal engine protection for all moving vehicles

 Cars, Trucks, Boats, Tractors & Machinery

Air or water cooled

 The TM4 accurately displays engine temperature and alarms with a Warning light, Loud buzzer & Display messages if engine overheating or low oil pressure is detected. (the display has an automatic white back light).

The TM4 is ideal for alarming Engines, Gear boxes, Transmissions, Transfer boxes, Pumps, in fact anything that operates between 1 to 125 Degrees Celsius.

We stock;

  General purpose single sensor TM4 Single heat sensor version for monitoring the Engine temperature, Low Oil Pressure and controlling an optional Cooling Fan Relay. (order relay as a separate item).


If you are ordering this TM UNIT for a Mazda Bongo please add a note in the customer comments, thanks.

Comes fitted with the tab top lid as per photo, but included is the flush lid.


Display Functions and Alarm Messages:

All functions and alarms on the TM4 are accompanied by individual display messages, so you are never in doubt as to what's going on. The TM4 has up to 14 different display messages, including advanced messages, such as 'Sensor Unserviceable' should the sensor cable be cut.

Temperature Warning Alarm:

The Engine Watchdog TM4 offers the best all round early warning engine overheating protection available. The TM4's advanced electronic 'EASY FIT' heat sensor monitors the actual metal temperature of the engine, this way ALL causes of overheating are quickly detected before damage can occur.

The sensor fits like a washer under any convenient bolt on the engine that is near the heat source, here it rapidly detects the slightest changes in engine temperature. The TM4's warning alarm sensitivity can be set to suit your individual engine and needs. The alarm is set by firstly observing the engines highest normal running temperature on the TM4's monitor, then using the push button on the front, the warning alarm is set to a higher temperature. Typically the alarm is set to between 5 and 10 degrees above the engines normal running temperature, this usually equates to the warning buzzer sounding at just one or two needle widths above the normal mark on most car temperature gauges.

Because you're not breaking into the cooling system, the TM4 is the quickest, easiest and safest system on the market. The TM4 will not void engine warranty and can be easily fitted by a home handyman.

Oil Light Warning Alarm:

The TM4 can turn a vehicle’s oil light into an Audible Oil alarm. By connecting the TM4's orange wire to the existing oil light sender, whenever the oil light comes on the alarm will sound and the 'Low Oil' message will display. When starting the engine the TM4 will display 'Alarm Delay On', this gives the driver 10 seconds to start the engine before the oil alarm is activated (if the orange wire is not connected to the oil sender the above messages & alarms will not be apparent).

NOTE This feature is not compatible with oil gauge sensors. If you only have a oil gauge and want the oil alarm feature, fit an inexpensive oil light sender to the engine - Standard car type - normally closed contacts, open on pressure.

Further Note If you only have an oil gauge. Oil system faults can cause abnormal heat build up in engines, this overheating is often detected by the TM4 . 


POSTAGE is free within the u.k. If you want items sending out of uk...please buy postage item @ £15.95  I will then post AIRSURE TRACKED or INTERNATIONAL TRACKED...if this is not done I cannot be responsible for lost/undelivered items.




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